Get more from your data with ecommerce dashboards

See everything in one place—insights, alerts, goals—and make better decisions faster.

All you data in one place

Easily keep an eye on all your marketing and sales numbers to see what's working and what's not

  • See all marketing costs and sales in one snapshot
  • Check daily returns and cost per acquisition
  • Break down data by region, product line, and more
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Make smart choices, quickly

Use trustworthy data to pinpoint where you can earn more and spend less

  • Pre-built reports show you where to zoom in
  • Group data using criteria like device, country, or traffic source
  • Access ready-to-use KPIs from top marketers
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Your data, your way

Connect all data sources and tailor your dashboard to fit your business.

  • Link up all your Shopify stores
  • Dive deep data segmented by brand or country
  • Customize views and reports to suit your needs

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Set goals that guide you

Stay on track without sweating the small stuff. Set targets that make sense for your business and watch your progress.

  • Define clear goals to keep your team on track
  • Get forecasts to keep you ahead of the game
  • Transform annual goals into daily checkpoints
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Never miss a beat with intelligent alerts

Spot issues and opportunities without drowning in data

  • Our AI spots unusual patterns fast
  • Get alerts via email or Slack the moment something pops up
  • Set alerts for metrics that matter to you
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