How much additional revenue could you generate?

See how much money you're leaving on the table from missed Klaviyo abandoners.

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The problem

Klaviyo is missing up to 60% of abandoners

After Apple's April 2023 updates, Klaviyo only receives cart, product, and checkout events from your Shopify store if the user is logged in or has completed an authentication event within seven days.

We use first-party server-side tracking to avoid this issue and restore your signals.

Get started

How it works

From set up to more revenue in four easy steps.

Connect your Shopify store and set-up the pixel

The Polar pixel is a Shopify App Pixel. This is the recommended way to use Pixels on Shopify stores as it offers the most secure, reliable, and performant pixels.

Estimated time: 5 minutes.
Who: Shopify Store Admin

Send missed abandonment events into Klaviyo

To maintain the integrity of your flows, we will not modify existing events and instead create new ones with unique names. The Pixel is compliant with Shopify privacy settings.

Estimated time: 30 minutes.
Who: Klaviyo Admin & Polar Implementation Specialist

Duplicate flows and start sending more emails

We will duplicate your existing abandoned flows, ensuring only net new users are added to them. It will take around 10 days to create the identity graph needed to effectively link sessions across different channels, devices, and networks.

Estimated time: 10 days
Who: Klaviyo Admin & Polar Implementation Specialist

Track incremental revenue increase

The Polar dashboard will show you the performance of your flows side by side. You can create custom reports and explore each individual customer journey. You will see an increase in key events and flow revenues.

Estimated time: 5 minutes
Who: Any Polar user

Case studies

Increase your abandonment flow revenue within 30 days

See proven results from brand like yours.