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Ditch the data overload

Centralize and simplify your data for clear, actionable insights that help scale your business effectively.

  • One-Click Integrations: Connect effortlessly with Shopify, Amazon, and 45+ other connectors.
  • Real-Time Data Processing: Gain immediate insights across all sales channels.
  • User-Friendly Dashboards: Customize your analytics for easy access and control.

Boost ad performance and increase ROI

Optimize ad spend and uncover insights with advanced attribution, ad, and conversion tracking tools.

  • Server-Side Tracking: Improve the accuracy and reliability of ad data.
  • Conversion API Enhancer: Leverage first-party data to boost your ROAS.
  • Creative Reporting Tools: Analyze and replicate top-performing ad campaigns.

Turn data into customer retention gold

In-depth cohort analysis and predictive insights to understand customer behaviors and LTV.

  • Cohort Analysis: Segment customers effectively based on behavior and purchase history.
  • Predictive Insights: Anticipate needs and customize strategies to keep customers coming back.
  • Custom Alerts: Receive alerts about significant changes in customer behavior to adapt quickly.

See why other 8-figure Shopify brands love us

The Frankie Shop
The Frankie Shop was able to consolidate all data in one place and leverage the server-side pixel to increase events captured by the Meta Pixel. This resulted in a significant decrease in CAC.
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Cube Partnership
Cube Partnership uses Polar to manage 14 brands like Aston Martin F1 Team, Corona, Budweiser, and the Rugby League World Cup.
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Yellow Pop
With the help of Polar’s server-side tracking, Yellow Pop increased its ad data capture, resulting in a 36% drop in Cost per Purchase a 28% boost in ROAS.
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Merci Handy
Merci Handy improved performance across 4 different countries and notably monitored advertising performance from all platforms and got unique merchandising insights.
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