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How The Frankie Shop achieved +30% ad return by capturing missing conversions

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Fashion brand uncovers 37% missed revenue with abandoned flow enrichment
See why this brand had no idea they were missing out on 37% of revenue from cart abandoners.
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Shopify Agency boosts brand’s abandoned cart revenue by 55%
Discover how Polar’s Klaviyo Flows Enrichment helped this Shopify Agency's client earn 55% more abandoned cart revenue in just 21 days.
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How The Frankie Shop achieved +30% ad return by capturing missing conversions
The Frankie Shop: +30% Ad Return by Capturing Missing Conversions
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How Yellow Pop Reduced CAC with Polar's Tracking Tool
YELLOWPOP: -22% in CAC and +30% ROAS with the Polar Pixel
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How Cube Partnership 14 brands like Aston Martin F1 Team, Corona, Budweiser or Rugby League World cup.
Cube Partnership: 36% drop in Cost per Purchase, a 28% boost in ROAS.
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Razor Group: How to manage a portfolio of 40+ E-commerce Brands
How Polar can be the perfect fit for the aggregator use case.
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How Homefield transitioned from manual, monthly spreadsheet analysis to daily automated reporting
Enhancing Decision-Making and Scalability with Polar Analytics.
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How Sage and Paige Transformed Their Digital Advertising Metrics with Polar’s Server-Side Tracking
Increasing Meta ROAS by 41% using the Conversion API Enhancer.
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Tiege Hanley: Simplifying decision-making with an all-in-one data solution
Tiege Hanley faced the challenge of setting up a data stack in-house due to the complexities and costs of integrating various tools such as Fivetran, Snowflake, and Tableau.
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How 13seeds streamlined operations for their 3 brands since adopting Polar Analytics
Enhancing Oversight and Performance with Polar Analytics.
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How Mister k. Boosted ROI with Polar's Tailored Reporting
The platform's ability to filter data by order tags was particularly relevant for their business model.
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How RSVP switched from Excel nightmare to Polar's precision
Streamlining Reporting with Polar Analytics.
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How Merci Handy manages 21 datasources in Polar Analytics
Consolidating data sources in a single place and providing views by store.
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How COES UK manages 5 retail stores and their Shopify store using Polar Analytics
Providing Coes a holistic overview of their ecommerce performance.
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How Inspiir Media has boosted their Agency revenues by 50% by integrating Polar Analytics into their service offering
Reinventing Client Relationships with Polar Analytics.
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