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#1 multi-channel analytics software for Shopify brands.

Polar Analytics is the modern data platform for Shopify brands who want to grow fast and efficiently.
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DHS Digital
Black Swan

Integrate multiple eCommerce brands data in one click

Stop spending time exporting data and consolidating spreadsheets. Polar takes care of this for you and helps you make quick and valuable business decisions.

✅ Get All your clients data in one single place

✅ Focus on delivering results to your clients

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Instantly calculate and track your core KPIs

We've built pre-defined dashboards so you can visualize important metrics that help you monitor and grow your store: Customer Acquisition Cost, Lifetime Value, and Retention Cohorts.

You can also personalize the charts as much as you want, with your own metrics definitions.

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Build your own reports seamlessly

Go beyond ready-made templates and tap into all the data connected by Polar Analytics to create your own metrics and custom reports. Create a single source of truth of business metrics with Polar Analytics.

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Automatically monitor all your clients 24/7

ROI management: never miss any critical information on one of your clients thanks to automated custom alerts. You will receive these alerts instantly by e-mail or Slack.

✅ Manage more customers, more efficiently

Set your alerts

Leverage agency-tailored features

Account management: all your brands in one single account with separated Views
Reporting: build custom reports to share with your clients

✅ 1 account for all clients

✅ White-labelling option

✅ Custom email reports

Build your own reports

Why Pioneering Agencies and Ventures
choose Polar Analytics

Inspiir Media
January 2, 2023

Measuring Blended CAC is a real pain in the neck without Polar. We tried other tools and even thought about building our own tool before we found Polar.

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Cube partnership
April 7, 2023

Polar centralizes all data from all brands and enables us to break down any metrics. When adding a new brand: it takes 10 minutes instead of 4 weeks with other tools.

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The Illinois Store
July 23, 2022

Our company is a growing merchandising management company that manages the merchandise sold for dozens of national brands. We needed a tool that could help us customize reporting that we could see for all of the shops we run on Shopify at once. Polar gave us a phenomenal onboarding and trial period. They worked with our team hand in hand to build specific custom reports, help us set up daily notifications of our KPIs, and helped us set up our main landing page to review key metrics that can be set by date. Their platform has been great for our financial and managerial reporting. I have loved working with Abby and other members of the team. Highly suggest doing a trial of polar if you're managing several Shopify accounts!

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Our brands say it better

Connor H.
Homefield Apparel
Connor H.

We've looked for the right marketing analytics data visualization platform for 2+ years, and Polar Analytics has been the best by far. They come pre-loaded with key marketing metrics (CAC, ROAS, Spend) that we're looking for, and have easily customizable dashboards for different looks we want to create. Their support has been super helpful as well - if I do not know how to create something, they help right away.

Homefield Apparel
Tiege Hanley

Great app, great team! The dashboards are easy to customize to highlight our most important KPIs. Building custom reports is really easy, and our Marketing team logs in daily to analyze campaign performance. The service and support have been A+. They instantly became a critical part of our Data and Marketing tech stack.

Tiege Hanley
Mhamed L.
VP of Growth
Mhamed L.

At first we wanted use Tableau or Power BI... And we have found that gem. Since we used Polar Analytics we are able to understand our business everyday.

Here the benefits of Polar Analytics :

-Less time of reporting
-Every people of the team can access and understand the data.
-Understand your cohorts
-You can anticipate the sold out with the forcast solution
-You can Kill product with Low LTV
-You can construct product bundles for better recommendations.
At the end we have increase +20% growth.

I bet tomorrow there will be two kinds of business, shops who use Polar and the others.


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