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Discover the Power of the Polar Pixel & First-party Attribution

Drive your marketing ROI to new heights by pinpointing successful campaigns, eliminating duplicate conversions, and supercharging your ad algorithm training with clear, actionable data.

Effortless Setup & High Accuracy

Deploy Polar Pixel with the simplicity of integrating a single Javascript code into your Shopify theme. Experience server-side, first-party tracking for a deeper, more precise understanding of your customer's journey.

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Conversion Deduplication & ROAS Calculation

By deduplicating conversions from multiple ad platforms, Polar Pixel helps you understand the real cost per acquisition and calculate Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by channel and campaign.

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Supercharge Your Ad Campaigns

With Polar Pixel, you can send profit data back to the ad platform via the Conversion API, thereby enhancing algorithm training and supercharging the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

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Customizable Reporting & Adjustable Attribution Models

Access and leverage accurate attribution data in Polar via the Key Indicators, Acquisition tab, and Custom Reports. Tailor your attribution models and adjust attribution windows to suit your business needs.

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See Tangible Results in a Matter of Weeks

Within two weeks of implementing Polar Pixel, Yellowpop saw significant improvements. They experienced a 36% decrease in their cost per purchase, a 28% increase in ROAS, a 4% decrease in CPM, and a 3% decrease in CPC. By utilizing Polar, you can consolidate all your data, capture more events, and lower your Customer Acquisition Cost, without increasing your ad spend.

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