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Introducing Ask Polar: The Future of Data Analysis for eCommerce

Unleash the power of AI with Ask Polar! Dive into a world where complex eCommerce data is effortlessly transformed into user-friendly reports, making data analysis a breeze. Explore a future where data insights are universally accessible, enabling growth and efficiency for your brand.

Harnessing AI to Make eCommerce Data User-Friendly

Every Head of eCommerce dreams of growing their brand efficiently and profitably. But what happens when all their data is scattered everywhere? Their world is chaotic, filled with open tabs, spreadsheets, and a desperate need for real-time insights... They know if they can't find a solution to efficiently manage their data, they risk losing not only sales, but also trust within their team. The clock is ticking!

Enter Polar Analytics. Our customers call us 'a game-changer', 'the best analytics tool', and 'a critical part of their infrastructure'. We believe that nobody should be wasting their Mondays doing reporting and that every brand should have access to state of the art data stack.

Today, we're really excited to introduce you to our new AI assistant: Ask Polar.

We know you want straightforward answers to your business questions. You might wonder about your top-selling products, your online sales growth, or how much your customers cost compared to their lifetime value. Ask Polar is designed to provide these answers and more, just like having a conversation with a business-savvy friend. It's all about making data exploration as simple as a Google search.

The Perfect Blend of AI and Semantic Layer for Pinpoint Accuracy

Ask Polar stands on the robust foundation of the metric layer that powers the entire Polar Analytics data platform. The moment you connect your data, our system gets to work, crafting a comprehensive library of eCommerce metrics and dimensions. This library encompasses data from all your sources, creating a detailed, interconnected network of business-specific information.

The magic happens when this business layer meets Ask Polar. With a solid understanding of your business context, Ask Polar interprets your natural language queries and turns them into custom reports that address your specific needs. But that's not all! The best part is that this AI isn't a blind black box. The output it generates is a custom report that you can further edit on the app, combining the ease of use of a chat system with the precision of a BI custom builder. This flexibility allows you to refine the results based on your unique needs.

Imagine the ease and simplicity of typing a question and getting a comprehensive, customized report as your answer - that's the initial power of Ask Polar. Then consider the added power of being able to tweak and tailor that report for your precise business context. This combination is the essence of Ask Polar, bringing you the best of both worlds.

Envisioning a Proactive Future: Insights Beyond the Now

We're not stopping here. Our vision for Ask Polar extends beyond providing real-time data. Imagine a future where you not only get access to real-time data but also understand the reasons behind significant changes. Picture getting an alert about a sudden surge in your sales over the last couple of days and instantly knowing the exact campaign that resulted in the increased traffic and conversion. This proactive approach is the future we're envisioning and building for Ask Polar.

Embracing the Future with AI: Democratizing Data Analysis

In the same way that email and Microsoft Office made communication universally accessible, we're convinced that generative AI holds the potential to make data analysis effortless for everyone, irrespective of their technical background. This exciting future opens up a world where every member of your organization can probe your data and extract meaningful, actionable insights.

The evolution doesn't stop there. As we step into this new era, we anticipate a shift in the roles within our data teams. Data analysts, who traditionally have been bogged down by SQL queries and data wrangling, will now be able to move into roles where they can contribute directly to the business. Analytics Engineers, on the other hand, will be crucial in building robust data layers and infrastructure, ensuring the data is always accurate, readily available, and easy for everyone (including our AI tools) to use.

Taking Small Steps Towards a Data-Driven Future

We find ourselves at an interesting point in time as the landscape of data is poised for a change. Thanks to generative AI, we can hope to move towards a more inclusive use of data where it's not just accessible to a select few, but is usable by everyone in the organization.

At Polar Analytics, we're just doing our bit. We're trying to contribute to a change in how eCommerce businesses understand and utilize data. The launch of Ask Polar is our small step in this direction, and we're quite excited about it. There's a long way to go, and we can't wait to share more updates with you as we continue on this journey.

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