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E-commerce Meta Ads Library Explorer

Craft Facebook Ads That Convert using Data

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Monitor your competitors' most successful ads

Using the Meta Ads API, we extract information from over 10,000 companies, presenting you with a comprehensive view of the advertising landscape.

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Discover Top-Performing Ads in Your Industry

Find high-impact Facebook ads for your niche. Get insights into effective ad strategies and create your own high-converting campaigns.

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Our platform makes it easy to sift through categories, companies, and platforms with tailored results and filters. Study key metrics like lifetime reach and estimated spend on every creative to craft your next winning ad campaign.

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Questions You Will Be Able to Answer Using the Tool

Meta Ads Explorer
Where is my competitor spending his Meta Ads budget on?
Meta Ads Explorer
What are the top-performing ads in Health and beauty?
Meta Ads Explorer
Which Instagram ads have the most reach for Home & Garden?
Meta Ads Explorer
What are the top-performing Facebook ads in Food?
Meta Ads Explorer
Which type of ads perform best for 18-30-year-olds?
Meta Ads Explorer
Which type of ads perform best for Women in Beauty?
Meta Ads Explorer
Which ads have the most reach this month?
Meta Ads Explorer
Which videos ads are performing on Instragram?
Meta Ads Explorer
See active ads for my industry ranked by spend


How accurate is the data in the Meta Ads Library Explorer?


Our data is sourced from the Meta Ads API and includes benchmark data from thousands of Shopify stores. While we strive for accuracy, it's important to note that the estimated spend is based on benchmark data and should be used as a guide rather than exact figures.

What about data privacy and security?


We take data privacy and security seriously. All data from this tool is coming from the Meta Ads API. No user data from Polar Analytics is used.

Is this tool really free?


Yes, the Meta Ads Library Explorer is completely free to use. We believe in empowering eCommerce experts to make data-driven decisions without any barriers.

How do you keep the service free?


Our primary offering is the suite of analytics tools provided by Polar Analytics. The Meta Ads Library Explorer is an additional free tool that complements our primary services.

Can I customize the data and filters?


Absolutely! You can filter data by categories, companies, active status, publishers, targeted ages, and genders to get the most relevant insights for your business.

How up-to-date is the information?


The data is updated every week to provide you with the most current and weekly insights for your advertising campaigns.

Who can use this tool?


This tool is designed for eCommerce experts working in fast-growing DTC brands. However, anyone interested in eCommerce analytics can benefit from it.

Are there any limitations to how I can use the data?


The data is intended for internal use to aid your advertising strategy. We kindly ask that you not resell the information or use it in any manner that would conflict with data privacy laws.

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